Below are a few highlights of the musical career of Tino Ruiz, a mandolin virtuoso for the world!

Tino Ruiz' signed photo

• In his early teens Tino Ruiz played the mandolin for the band "The Boy Scouts".

• During his years in The Netherlands (Holland) as a student, Tino Ruiz played the mandolin for the very popular vocal group "Coro Canta Antiyas". This vocal group was based in the city of Tilburg, The Netherlands, and was very much in demand.

• When Aruba was still part of the Netherlands Antilles, Tino Ruiz was awarded the prize for the best mandolin player in the first and once-only Mandolin Festival of the Netherlands Antilles.
A poster of Tino Ruiz promoting his albums
• After a selection among numerous mandolin players around the world, the Internationally renowned music magazine "FRETS" published a detailed portrait of Tino Ruiz.

• The Portland Mandophonic Orchestra in Oregon, U.S.A., hosted Tino Ruiz as a guest player. This participation culminated in a gala presentation after intensive rehearsals and busy workshops.

• To promote Aruba's tourism Tino Ruiz represented Aruba with mandolin and keyboard in Latin America, the United States, Europe and Japan.

• Besides performing frequently, Tino Ruiz is a well-requested artist for special occasions.

• Tino Ruiz also collaborated with various artists in numerous shows and recordings.

• His albums "Fiesta Arubiano" and "Aruba Sucursal Di Cielo" remain among the best sold and most requested mandolin albums.

• In his new album "The Most Precious Gift", Tino Ruiz excellently presents various themes in a wide variety of rhythms to satisfy all tastes. The rhythms vary from ballads to rock music and from classical music to mambo. Indeed, this precious gift will touch everyone's heart!