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Please consider putting our logo and/or link on your website. In return, we will put your logo and/or link on "Our Affiliates" page, for free. Your website traffic and ours will increase as a result, so it's a win-win situation. Let us know if you want to put our logo and/or link on your website. We will do a quick review of your website and if you qualify, you will be notified and allowed to use our buttons. Below are the rules of participation.

• Websites with racial, hate, crime and/or adult materials, and websites which promote anything illegal, including, but not limited to, warez, cracks, money-laundering and/or drugs or anything in that nature are not allowed to use our logo or link on their website(s).

• We only link to websites that accept our request to link back to us. If for whatever reason you decide to stop linking to us, we unfortunately will be forced to do the same. If you have a business agreement with us, we may override this rule.

• Websites which break these rules will be removed from "Our Affiliates" page without hesitation. In other words, to stay in "Our Affiliates" page, just keep linking to us!

If your company would rather not link back to us but wants to have commercial advertising on, we can also offer very affordable packages tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us for more information...we're confident that together we can work something out.