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More website updates

November 1st Welcome to the new version of The website has been further improved upon and we hope you'll like the changes we've made.

Website updates

September 27th has been updated with stricter code, a much cleaner layout and even the songs have been updated. They are now encoded in Ogg Vorbis 1.1, which gives us higher audio quality at the same bitrate. Just listen to the newly encoded songs if you haven't already done so, they sound even better than before!

Tino Ruiz successful in Holland!

Tino Ruiz before the show

March 14th The celebration of Aruba-Day in the Groenoordhallen in Leiden, the Netherlands was again a spectacular event. The main attraction was the musical concert which included all Aruban artists and which was attended by more than 10,000 spectators.

Tino Ruiz playing mandolin with Rafi Camacho

Tino Ruiz gave an excellent performance with his mandolin, whose music conveys the spirit of Aruba. His musical back-up consisted of professionals like Rafi Camacho, Yopi Nicolaas, Chencho Kelly, Meda Camacho and Ricardo Garcia. These musicians already live for quite some time in Holland. While Tino Ruiz was playing, the well-known dance group Xanadu did a tremendous presentation on the stage.

Tino Ruiz accompanied by the Xanadu dancers

On this occasion Tino Ruiz played a "Tumba-medley", followed by "Aruba one happy island" and of course the hit "Saturday night". Everyone was curious to see and hear Tino Ruiz with his live performance. Most of the people present had already bought his CD and DVD albums. Either way, this was the best opportunity to take a picture together with mandolin virtuoso Tino Ruiz. Aruba is proud once again of Tino Ruiz with his smashing success!
Note: Pictures taken by T. Lopez of

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